Saturday, 6 August 2011

Subscape - Universal EP

Due for release on Caspa's label, Dub Police, on 5th Sept.

The Universal EP by Subscape really shows how varied his production styles often are, whilst always staying within the ever growing boundaries of dubstep.

Of the five tracks on the EP, the greatest highlight is probably the electro-flavoured Square Albert. Sure thing to be a club floor-filler in the very near future.  

Subscape - Square Albert by Dub Police

Apple Candy is more along the lines of his 2010 track All Day, with its mellow, rolling beats and soothing female vocals.

Subscape - Apple Candy by Dub Police

Cadillac Jack is much more reminiscent of his tunes such as Screw Up...

Subscape & Ethic - Cadillac Jack by Dub Police

...and EP opener Turn Me On is a quality introduction to the world of Subscape if this is all new to you.

Subscape - Turn Me On by Dub Police

However it is, maybe surprisingly, the eponymous Universal that i feel has the least to offer here.

Subscape - Universal by Dub Police

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