Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Artful - Could Just Be the Bassline

Mark Hill found fame over a decade ago as the Artful Dodger, producing tracks such as Re-Rewind and Movin' Too Fast.

Now, he's back and soon to be dropping his new album under the simplified moniker, Artful.

His new track Could Just Be the Bassline, with Kal Lavelle on vocal duties, is simply amazing. One of those tunes that just gets better the more you listen.

Start your own addiction with this song here and now!

Could Just Be The Bassline (Artful V Kal Lavelle) by _Artful_

Get the Club Mix of the track for FREE here...

'Could Just Be The Bassline' Artofficial Club Mix by _Artful_

And finally, check out and pick up this kinda dubstep / future garage track that he stuck up earlier this year...

CoffeeBreak - ArtfulMark by _Artful_

Want to hear more?

Find him at or as The Artful Mark on facebook.

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