Friday, 8 July 2011

Introducing - Odjbox

I've been rinsing tunes by this guy for a few months now and although his music is a bit removed from most of the stuff posted here, he just released his new EP a couple of hours ago and you lot should definitely give it a listen!

"Swing-Hop" or "Electro-Swing" seem to be how he's labelling his tunes, all i know is that he is producing positively catchy, rolling beats that i just can't get enough of!
I first heard of him through a (possibly true?) rumour that he is Flux Pavilion's flatmate, but it was tunes like Otto Croy and Golden ft. J5  & Haynes that kept me coming back to his soundcloud daily for more and more...

Golden Ft. J5 & Haynes by Odjbox

Otto Croy by Odjbox

Whenever he releases, he seems to give you the choice of how much you pay for his music, something i always respect, especially in soon-to-be-big producers.

Anyway check out and pick up the EP - Cotton to Fabric below.

Oh, and Odjbox, if you're reading this, get yourself up to Newcastle! I'm building your following up here at quite a rate ;)

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